The Hug Run

On May 1st 2016, as the midnight sun ever so briefly dropped below the horizon, Dave Chamberlain stood at northern most point of Europe, about to embark on what will be a 64,000km seven year run around the world. We have teamed up with Sidetracked Magazine to tell his story. 



People often joke, with a twinkle in their eye, that the reason I am running is because of a girl. When they hear that I am the only boy child, in between 3 sisters, that twinkle becomes a pained look of understanding whereby I usually get a hug, or at least a pat on the shoulder.


So, now I find myself in Halifax. My three months in Europe have ended and I sit poised on a bench, on the Atlantic seaboard, eating a ridiculously big ice cream and pondering the 30 months I’m about to spend in the Americas.


‘I can change the route, right? I mean it doesn’t really matter where I go, does it?’ It was 8.00am just outside Umea in the north of Sweden. 


Its hard to be in a hurry when the Van you bought unseen doesn't go much over 90 kph. If anyone has done the drive from the north of Germany to the most northern point of Europe, you will understand that, at this rate, the 2700km seems endless.